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I hate chemistry. 

I want to go home.

I need to stop facewhoring and start learning about closest packed structures and metallurgy or something equally boring.

(It needs to stop snowing. It's getting seriously out of hand, and it's not even officially winter yet. I miss rain.)


So, I'm moving to Montreal tomorrow.


I think I'll go do my nails.

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I’m sitting in a chair. Music is blasting in my ears. But I can’t spin. Seriously, it’s driving me crazy. I need to be able to spin on my chair. I have a fold-out chair and it’s so stationary. How can I think without spin? I can’t work under these conditions!
Today, I finally busted my swivel chair. I could deal with a lost armrest, but, three-dimensional spin, well, I just can’t handle that.
Not that I can deal with this whole fold-out contraption either.
I’m not kidding.
I’m going back to my bed to read. I had meant to say something meaningful, but, really, it's just not happening.
“Sometimes, you just need a better chair!”
As is often quoted by Kirsten. I can now relate.
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Spring Ends!

I haven’t posted in ages.
I should probably say something about the fact that high school is officially over. It’s a sign of mortality, I say. That, and the end of the Harry Potter books. My childhood is coming to a close. After this, I will forever be older than Harry. It all leads to death.
Seeing as my one exam isn’t for another week, I’ve been bumming around the house for the last while. I do provincials, but I’ve yet to actually open my binder. Physics is far more fun to do than to think about.
For McGill, I’m living in a castle next year!!!!
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It’s pretty fucking amazing. I’m excited, although I still view the whole thing as terribly surreal. Definitely not TWO MONTHS away.
Of course…I can’t really see myself going to work in two weeks (this might have to do with the fact that I don’t own office clothes yet.)
I now have to figure out courses. I think I might be considering doing an honours major in physics…but I’m not sure. It looks really, ridiculously difficult, but if I want to go into any type of research, it’s probably worth it.
Anyhow, if that’s so, I haven’t the faintest idea of how to go about it. I’ll figure it out sometime.
Ummm…Tomorrow is Solstice. I’m celebrating. Let the summer begin!


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Global TV


Children's Miracle Weekend

Watch it.

I shall be phone panelist, the one with the big, pouffy, unmanageable, blonde hair.


The week

Yar. It be livejournal time.
Let’s see if I can sum up my week…or something like it. The trouble, of course, is, that there’s probably not much to sum up, nothing having actually happened. Not that I’m complaining. I’ve always thought it’s that twisted, sadistic side of people that makes reading fun. I mean, no book where nothing bad happens is interesting, right?
Anyhow, moving, on. Let’s go backwards through time in an attempt to make it more interesting for myself (because, by this point, already third paragraph, I bet you’ve all already lost interest.)
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I just had a two hour nap. Most weekdays it seems I have two hour naps. Is this bad? If so, how bad? I just get tired all the time. I suppose today I can explain it that I got to bed late because I woke up so late, but most days that's not so.
I'm probably anemic or something. Should take iron.
I might just not be getting enough sleep. Or something. 

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If I was clever enough, I’d post before and after pictures, but I’m not. As it is, here’s a list of all the interesting things I found. (Hey, I can to entertain myself somehow).
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Ma vie!
I went to the concours d’art oratoire on Saturday, I didn’t win. Big surprise there. Not.
I definitely won for more casually dressed. I had jeans and everyone else had skirts and fancy dress clothes.
Anyhow, my thing was memorized and I presented okay. (Afterwards, though, while waiting for the results to be read, a lady told me I did well but that going last was hard. My reaction was to think, was I really so bad that I needed an excuse for it?)
The actual winner wasn’t who I thought it should be. I didn’t even think she should have placed. At all. It’s weird. Same thing happened last year, except then I had a shot at it. Oh well. C’est fini.
Wednesday: AP went absolutely horribly. I did so badly I couldn’t get to sleep that night and stayed up till 2.
That’s all that needs to be said on the subject.
Well, that and it’s OVER.
That afternoon, Katrina and I went shopping at Winners, though we didn’t buy anything. Then we came back to my place where we watch Porco Rosso (which was the worst Miyazaki film I’d ever seen, actually. Why was he a pig??? Saving features include pirates and fascism, though). Then she started cleaning my room, which is still a disaster.
Because my mother’s birthday is in about a week, I’m going to get her a present then, instead of tomorrow. For Mother’s Day I’ll clean my room, which is actually what she asked for. :P Seeing as it hasn’t been cleaned since July, I suppose, it’s about time.
It was nice, picking the clothes from the floor with Katrina. I found all my summer clothes, just in time. :P
On Thursday, I GOT MY HAIR CUT. Seriously, it’s ALL gone. About half of it. It’s now streaked blonde. It’s been totally thinned and sheered away. I’m not sure what to think of it. It’s so…so…happy. I feel so depressed in comparison. It doesn’t reflect my personality. It look so cute and blonde and, well, I think I like it.
Kirsten totally stole my thunder. She cut off her dreads and dyed her hair platinum blonde. Quite a bit more drastic than mine. Lol. Stil…I had people say they didn’t first recognize me. It was funny.
I have to look over residences with Rebecca sometime. Maybe I’ll phone her this afternoon and see if she’s busy. I’m not sure if I want the 7 day meal plan or the 5. She wants to go for the five, but she’s able to cook, and I’m not (in spite of Katrina’s attempts). Bikki’s coming as well, I think. Which is exciting. I’m going to have friends!!! Yay! (She’ll be staying with her grandmother though).
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I just finished my theory exam. Went pretty well. What I like about RCM is that they give your exam back, not just the grade. 'Tis nice. I wish the province would do that as well...
Tonight I think I’d like to go to see Spiderman with Kirsten and Jenna.
Now should do physics or something productive.
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May 4th

Apparently, I’m late immersion. This is odd. And will probably mean a lot of scurrying around tomorrow when I try to explain that I’m in the wrong category because obviously their computer system is on crack and not because I’m stupid and can’t fill out forms.
Tomorrow is concours d’art oratoire. It looks like I’ve forgotten my entire speech in the three weeks since presenting it. Yay. Memorizing for me tonight, when, really, I should be doing Calculus.
People, a word of advice: DON’T TAKE AP EXAMS. They are the devil.
Last night I had a dream where I tried to integrate a cake to determine its volume, or something like that.
Calculus = evil.
Other than that, I’ve survived the week! Kudos to me.
Yesterday, see, was when Grad Portfolio was due (I actually did it), when I had a physics test, a Calculus test, and a story for writing.
Even if you aren’t, I’m very proud of myself for still being alive. There was a serious threat of implosion.
Report card yesterday:
Physics 97%
Writing 95%
Very nice, if I don’t say so myself.
And…then, you keep looking and see my Transition Planning 12 mark. *cough*
à 58%
In my defence, I’m passing.
As well, I’ve finally self-reported to McGill!
Rebecca said it took them about six days to get back to her, so I hope I’ll know for sure soon.
AND, I learned she’s going there as well! I’ve been freaking out about having no friends…so that’s very nice to hear.
…Four months. Bah!
Must. Start. Studying. Or. Memorizing.

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