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May 4th

Apparently, I’m late immersion. This is odd. And will probably mean a lot of scurrying around tomorrow when I try to explain that I’m in the wrong category because obviously their computer system is on crack and not because I’m stupid and can’t fill out forms.
Tomorrow is concours d’art oratoire. It looks like I’ve forgotten my entire speech in the three weeks since presenting it. Yay. Memorizing for me tonight, when, really, I should be doing Calculus.
People, a word of advice: DON’T TAKE AP EXAMS. They are the devil.
Last night I had a dream where I tried to integrate a cake to determine its volume, or something like that.
Calculus = evil.
Other than that, I’ve survived the week! Kudos to me.
Yesterday, see, was when Grad Portfolio was due (I actually did it), when I had a physics test, a Calculus test, and a story for writing.
Even if you aren’t, I’m very proud of myself for still being alive. There was a serious threat of implosion.
Report card yesterday:
Physics 97%
Writing 95%
Very nice, if I don’t say so myself.
And…then, you keep looking and see my Transition Planning 12 mark. *cough*
à 58%
In my defence, I’m passing.
As well, I’ve finally self-reported to McGill!
Rebecca said it took them about six days to get back to her, so I hope I’ll know for sure soon.
AND, I learned she’s going there as well! I’ve been freaking out about having no friends…so that’s very nice to hear.
…Four months. Bah!
Must. Start. Studying. Or. Memorizing.

My life would not be the same without this...

1. song/movie/book:
Song: Anything by Nirvana and the Chili Peppers, I suppose. They’re the bands that made me decide that music might actually be something worth paying attention to.
Movie: Totoro. I love this movie.
Book: Narnia and LOTR, the books that got me reading.
2. person:
My mom and dad. :P
All my friends, as well, of course
3. place:
My room.
4. event:
My trip to Europe at the end of grade 9.
5. self indulgence:
Reading…lovely fantasy romance novels. And music, just listening to music for indeterminate periods of time.
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