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The week

Yar. It be livejournal time.
Let’s see if I can sum up my week…or something like it. The trouble, of course, is, that there’s probably not much to sum up, nothing having actually happened. Not that I’m complaining. I’ve always thought it’s that twisted, sadistic side of people that makes reading fun. I mean, no book where nothing bad happens is interesting, right?
Anyhow, moving, on. Let’s go backwards through time in an attempt to make it more interesting for myself (because, by this point, already third paragraph, I bet you’ve all already lost interest.)
Today it is my mother’s birthday. Happy birthday mom! She’s 47, although you’re all to keep this secret and are no to tell a soul in the world. We might go out for dinner tonight, but I rather doubt it.
By the way, if anyone was wondering why I looked like I hadn’t brushed my hair this morning, it’s because that’s exactly what (didn’t) happen.
In writing we talked about fairy tales. Fairy tales are amazing and we’re starting our fantasy unit! Youppi!
Of course, I don’t write anymore. Because I’m awful. It’s like….I just don’t have the willpower. If ever I think about writing, I update lj…which isn’t real writing, just stream of consciousness. Oh well. I’ll write tomorrow. I swear. (Tonight, I need to study for physics. I have a test on circuits, which I don’t get. :P)
Yesterday, for mother’s birthday, I gardened. My dad, brother and I made a garden…Of course, a small issue I suppose, none of us know how to garden. Planting “full sun” flowers under a rather large cedar tree doesn’t strike me as a particularly intelligent action. My father kept going on about how the marigolds need room to grow (which, apparently, I wasn’t giving them). More likely, they’ll die.  Not that I hope that…just, that would make sense, and prove my father wrong.
Mom came home, saw, and was happy. That’s always nice.
Other than that, I didn’t do anything on my long weekend. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Amelia, Tasha, or both came over to eat my food. They went through four litres of juice and an entire box of Vector cereal, not to mention all the chips and spring rolls.
A lot of talk centred around upcoming grad banquet. They both want to get a hotel room downtown, so we don’t need to bother taxiing home and just as some place to hang out. No conclusions have been reached as of yet. First and foremost, someone needs to ask their parents. As well, the question of alcohol and how to make sure the “dry after grad” was anything but dry.
On Saturday, Tasha and Katrina and I went shopping for grad dresses. We started out by going to this totally amazing shop on 4th Avenue that sold all these totally amazing renaissance dresses. It was totally amazing.
Unfortunately, for what they were, they were also totally overpriced. So we left and went to Robson.
At Zara, I saw about ten things I liked, tried them all on and came out disappointed. I’m still upset about this actually. It’s……annoying and unfair and bah humbug!
At BCBG, I found my grad dress. ‘Tis most loverly. I like it. Although it needs to get altered and I need shoes for it. As well, it was on sale…100$ off. :D *cough* Riiiiiight. I got my mom to come back the next day and okay it. So I’m not to blame for stupidity. Besides, tickets to banquet cost 90$ apiece, so I need a nice dress. Right?
Whatever. I like it. Even if that whore of a model on the internet looks better in it.
On Friday I completed my week without jeans. Today, incidentally, I broke down and wore some.
On Thursday, I went to Metrotown with Katrina, Kayleigh and crew. It was…fun. Most of it, that is. I found a store that sold really cool converse shoes, so I think I’ll go back there because, looking right now, my current ones are literally falling apart. They’re hard to put on. Anyway, first we went to Crystal Mall and I had bubble tea and garlic bread, which was most yummy. Going back to Metrotown and Sakura Media, I started feeling really sick, like I was going to vomit. So…I went to the washroom, Katrina, lovely, wonderful, awesome friend that she is, followed and read. In the end, I had to go there twice, on the second time we lost everyone else. We looked around at all the stores they said they were going to but could find them nowhere. So….we went to Jacob where I bought closes and then to Chapters for about 2 hours. It was fun…But I felt really guilty because apparently everyone else waited for like an hour…somewhere. (sorry guys!)
I got home at about 9:30 that night. As well, I’d missed Karaoke, which, from the stories I heard proved an interest night for some other friends of mine…I’m just impressed that they went skinny-dipping at Ambleside, where everyone could see.
On Wednesday I learned I got 100% on my Math 12 rewrite. Yay!
Tuesday..I think I updated. If not, I’m far too senile to remember.—nope. Oh well. Nothing happened.

I just had a two hour nap. Most weekdays it seems I have two hour naps. Is this bad? If so, how bad? I just get tired all the time. I suppose today I can explain it that I got to bed late because I woke up so late, but most days that's not so.
I'm probably anemic or something. Should take iron.
I might just not be getting enough sleep. Or something. 

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