alexrose (alexrose) wrote,

Spring Ends!

I haven’t posted in ages.
I should probably say something about the fact that high school is officially over. It’s a sign of mortality, I say. That, and the end of the Harry Potter books. My childhood is coming to a close. After this, I will forever be older than Harry. It all leads to death.
Seeing as my one exam isn’t for another week, I’ve been bumming around the house for the last while. I do provincials, but I’ve yet to actually open my binder. Physics is far more fun to do than to think about.
For McGill, I’m living in a castle next year!!!!

It’s pretty fucking amazing. I’m excited, although I still view the whole thing as terribly surreal. Definitely not TWO MONTHS away.
Of course…I can’t really see myself going to work in two weeks (this might have to do with the fact that I don’t own office clothes yet.)
I now have to figure out courses. I think I might be considering doing an honours major in physics…but I’m not sure. It looks really, ridiculously difficult, but if I want to go into any type of research, it’s probably worth it.
Anyhow, if that’s so, I haven’t the faintest idea of how to go about it. I’ll figure it out sometime.
Ummm…Tomorrow is Solstice. I’m celebrating. Let the summer begin!

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