1. What is your all time favourite book?
Tithe, Court Duel, Seer and the Sword, Westmark Trilogy, Blue Sword, Howl’s Moving Castle, Ella Enchanted….all those books that I can reread any number of times without tiring of them. :P Most of them, yes, are children’s novels.
2. What is your all time favourite movie?
Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Pirates of the Caribbean or a Miyazaki movie, Princess Mononoke or Totoro.
3. What are you reading right now?
A Short History of Progress by Ronald Wright
4. What is your favourite show on TV?
House, I suppose. Although, I haven’t watched it, or anything else, for several months.
5. What is the last movie you saw in the theatre?
Music & Lyrics…Seriously, I remember it being one of the funniest movies in the world…but there are reasons for that.
Otherwise…let’s see.
Right, lj is for emoness, so Bikki told me today when I complained about being absolutely exhausted. (I need to find my coloured pens before she snaps and takes out her AK-47.)
And then I went home and stood out in the rain because my dad locked me out.
Oddly enough, once actually inside, it took me several minutes to recall what I was all emo about in the first place. Then I remembered and laughed, deciding I was all energetic again.
About five seconds later I felt sleepy once more, so really there’s no winning.
Anyhow, I’m stressed out about Calculus, but otherwise I think I’m okay. I’m going to make my mother/father take me down to Chapters to buy a workbook. As well, I have a theory exam in a couple weeks…So many random things to memorize. Has anyone else wondered why the English speaking world was so pathologically unmusical? I mean, in Italy, I doubt they have to memorize musical terms.
I’m passing Portfolio, but by just a bit. I feel like a moron for not handing stuff in on time. It looks horrible on the report card. But…well, lesson learned. :P
A lot of my friends have been at Banff for the band trip since Wednesday. Although, this does make me lonely, class has been relatively easy as well, so the band people won’t be terribly behind when they return.
For that reason and because my other friends have all planned their work schedule so as to be busy at the same time, I have to go to my mother’s work bowling thing tomorrow all alone. It shall be must un-fun, I predict, in spite of all my mother’s optimism.
…It occurred to me that I’m moving out in four months.
That’s like the end of December to now. Christmas seems so recent! I still have wrapping paper on my floor for goodness sake! ‘tis scary.
Anyhow, piano soonish. Cheers. Bon weekend all.
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The Friday Five on Saturday

1. How are you stereotypically female?
I like to shop and own pretty things. I mean, it’s so much better to own than borrow. I love romance novels, there’s no helping it. I think killing is wrong and everyone should just love each other and get along and I seriously don’t understand all these blood and guts games.

2. How are you stereotypically male?
My room is an absolute disaster. I can’t cook or sew and have absolutely no desire to ever do so. I love the sciences, especially physics and mathy stuff.  

3. What parts of you do you consider unclassifiable as either gender?
Umm…the rest of it?

4. Do you think you are primarily male, female, or neither in characteristics?
Female, I suppose. That is what I am.

5. If you could be born as any gender, knowing the gender prejudices as they are now, which would you choose to be?
Female. I like who I am right now…and, sometimes, I think guys have it hard. I mean, girls are allowed to say they’re insecure or something, but with guys they have to act all tough. We’re allowed to act weak and when we’re not and it’s expected otherwise, we can go all feminist. (Although, it would be really, really nice to not have a period. Drugs are being developed for that though. <3 science)

 Anyhow, I think I’m now sick. It’s like something that happens after every and any exam I take, inevitably, it seems. The math exam on Thursday went pretty well. I really want my mark back soon, hopefully before I self-report to McGill. That’s kind of scaring me.
That night, I went to Multicultural Night. The food was cold by the time I got it and I had to wait forever, but otherwise the talent show was great. I’m definitely impressed with my school. There was singing (in English, Chinese and Korean), dancing and someone played the harmonica.
…I was so loud I convinced Jenna I was drunk the entire time…Silly grade nines. Still it was pretty funny.
Tomorrow, I’m going to China. It’s not that far. Only a seabus and skytrain ride away really. Afterwards, my friends and I are going to watch Miyazaki movies, because they’re amazing. I should probably phone around and organize that, sometime.
Right now I should be applying to a job at the Children’s Hospital…I’ll get to that. Love y’all.
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Rabid Aquatic Goats

I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday. I mean, franchement. It should be at least Thursday. If voted God, I promise that I would make every day a Friday. You can be sure that, next election, that's the platform I'm running under.


Anyhow, I got my portfolio back today. Looks like I didn’t pretty well, a mid 90’s sorta dealio. Definitely can’t complain there. I thought it was funny that the teacher told me I should go out of my “comfort zone” of humour and write something serious. Most of the stuff I write is supposed to be serious, I’ll have you all know. It just sucks. It’s only when I give up, have fun, and write something that I want to that any sort of quality comes into it.

But, you know, whatever.


I also wrote the Euclid today. That was…painful. Oh well. ‘Tis over!

The best part was question #6 (b): “In the diagram, points A and B are located on islands in a river full of rabid aquatic goat.” Yes, rabid aquatic goats. I’m so impressed.


Otherwise, my life currently consists of focusing very hard on not studying for the Math 12 provincial on Thursday. I mean, compared to Calculus, it’s eeeeeeeeeassssssssy. Where could I go wrong? Plus, in spite of what I say, Calculus isn’t even that hard. Hell, it currently even makes more sense than Physics, which is a first. (That being said, I think it’s mostly due to Physic’s having gone all loopy – we’re doing circular motion.)


Unfortunately, when focusing on not studying, I can’t focus on anything else. Not even a book, or TV (DAMN, I forgot about House again. Damn). And there are only so many people to bug on msn.


Everyone else is at the Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance. This might not be so if I had any guy friends. Except I don’t. Which sucks. But let’s not go all emo.

Anyhow, the reason I’m not at the Dinner Dance is because I’m a horrible person. I told my parents that tickets went on sale, and that I needed money.  They never responded. The next I heard about it was yesterday, when my father casually asked what time it was: he’d changed his flight plan. So, long story short, we’re going out for a nice dinner some other time.


Speaking of father, my brother and him are having a fight. For once I wish there was less insulation between my brother’s floor and my ceiling. the bro's yelling. He used the "F-word". Tsk tsk.


And that’s how things are. Overall, it’s a lot better than yesterday and I’m kind of surprised.




(Long weekend coming up! Yay!)

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I hate being sad. It isn’t fun. I don’t even have a reason to feel miserable, really. I just am and I’m pretty sure it sucks.


I guess stress always does bring depression on…but really, this is ridiculous. I was happy like 15 minutes ago. I swear.


I see lots and lots of math in my future. It’s surprisingly upsetting, because I like math.

On Tuesday, I have the Euclid contest…which I’d like to do well on. I hate going into a contest and feeling like a complete moron because I don’t understand anything that’s happening. I intend, therefore, to do some of the previous year’s tests as practice. If I can get over this stupid sad thing, they’re actually quite fun.


Next Thursday, I’m retaking the Math 12 provincial then. It’s not going to be fun. I have to go through everything again just so I can remember a handful of silly errors I make that will lower my mark. I want to do really, really well on this. I’ll say it’s an OCD thing, but it’s probably more a pride thing. I’m not sure if I should miss the Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance thing because of it. I don’t need to go…but if my dad wants to, I owe it to him, definitely…(for reasons revealed below).


The day after that I have a Calculus test on graphic analysis, which is turning out to be really hard. The concepts aren’t new it’s just lots of thinking or (to avoid thinking) memorizing. Bah.


After that, on May 9th, I have the Calculus AP exam. The only trouble is I have no clue how to integrate…which is half the exam. I’m going to have to make my father sit down and teach it to me. All of it. This is going to demand lots of hardness and unhappy things.


Ugh. I hate caring so much. I mean, honestly, sometimes I wonder about myself. If I viewed things rationally, I’d notice that taking the AP wasn’t a big deal. That I already’ll have no trouble getting into university (incidentally, I’ve been accepted to UBC). That I’m absolutely psychotic to be retaking the math exam. That….


What I’d really like to be doing right now is either reading or writing. On Tuesday, my mother bought me a copy of Winter Rose by McKillip. Her writing is a little too dreamy for my tastes, but it’s based on Tam Lin, so I don’t see where even she can go wrong. Yesterday, I finished the Queen of Attolia and it made me really happy at the end; Katrina says she’ll bring the next one, the King of Attolia, for me tomorrow…not that I’ll be able to read it. As for writing, there’s a school contest whose deadline is tomorrow and I’m not going to have anything to hand in which is sad because I even started a story and do actually mean do go on with it.


Anyhow, a bit of follow-up info, I did “win” the concours thingy, if you can call it that. In my category I was the only contestant. Youppi! So, now, on May 5th (that’s four days before the Calc AP) I get to out to Surrey or wherever to present it again. Isn’t that just dandy? I don’t even get the satisfaction of knowing I won.


It’s weird this happiness and sadness thing. I don’t understand it.


It’s odd. It seems like I’m always striving for just that little corner. Last semester it was until the end of exams, then everything would be better. Last week it was till the end of Tuesday and the concours that everything would be better. And now, it’s till after May 9th. So, after that, what’s going to happen? I can’t foresee anything huge and scary…I do have only one exam in June after all…And a week and a half to study for it.

I don’t know. Maybe I do have an anxiety disorder.


I think I’ll upstairs and speak with my mother about something, anything.


…She’s on the phone.


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I have come to learn a valuable lesson. Apparently, in the French language, intéressé, does not mean the same thing as interested in English. My proof for this is that sometime last semester, upon being asked, I told the teacher I was intéressé in writing a speech for the Concours d’art oratoire. As two of my peers had said something to the same effect, I assumed that no true obligation had been attached.


Anyhow, it just so happens, that, apparently, the two words have a world of difference.


I was quite boldly hunted down and told last Tuesday that I was to write and memorize a 3-5 minute speech by the following Tuesday… that is, tomorrow.


Well, I’ve written the speech. I won’t go into details, but I can assure you the French is simply atrocious. Via email it’s been sent to the teacher, but she isn’t exactly the most technological savvy individual, so I doubt it will be corrected.


At first, I wanted my subject to be “How I Failed to Avoid Doing This Competition”, but I was told that it was an inappropriate and overall negative choice. My speech is consequently about fairy tales.


Many, many thanks to Katrina for writing it with me.


I only wish she could aid me in memorization as well.


Which I should, of course, be getting around to. I also have, by the way, a physics test tomorrow, and a math provincial the following week.


It seems this entry has served it’s purpose. All I ask is that you heed my warning in noting the minute differences between French and English that may lead to large burdens. 

(On the bright side, my mother and I have purchased tickets for Tosca on the 24th!)

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Typing up an lj entry…on word!
Yes, that’s right. So what if I have to deal with all those blasted red squiggly lines whenever I make mistakes, at least it automatically correctly me when I spell squiggly with one “g”.
So, ma vie.
Comment ça va?
Well, it goes pretty well actually. I mean, it’s sunny out. Can’t complain much there. I suppose I’m just a simple soul.
Otherwise, life is:
I’m kind of stressed out about writing. I need to submit a stupid portfolio and I haven’t done much writing yet.
Yesterday, Katrina and I went over to Kayleigh’s and got absolutely nothing done for our character study. I’m done my part and Kayleigh can’t do her part until Katrina finished hers. See the problem? If you knew that girl you would. I left just as we took out Jon Stewart’s America textbook…which was sad because that thing is hilarious. I think I shall make my mother go purchase it.
And shit, I forgot. Gotta write that setting thing as well, now don’t I?
(I can actually kind of write coherently when I try, btw. Just in case y’all were wondering judging from my scatterbrained lj entries.)
And that’s due on Thursday, the same day all my portfolio aspects are due and the same day I have a physics test.
Fortunately, my calc test is on Wednesday. :P
Clyde seems like he’s making a relapse, so that’s pretty great.
Oh. And, of course, there are 51 days of school left. FOREVER. And, ever and ever and ever.
Because, university isn’t school, not really, you know.
Today, actually I should submit grades, or something…..Except that that’s scary. So I’m avoiding it. By updating on lj. Obv.
Or writing that BC Hydro essay thingy, for that scholarship thingy.
So, anyhow, I’m going to go write a (crappy) story. Then I’ll try to re-understand probability. Then I’ll write my (crappy) essay. Then I’ll look at the UBC and McGill site. And then I’ll write my setting shit. If I’m not dead at that point, then I’ll finish that (extremely crappy) genus loci poem of mine (at least it rhymes).
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(no subject)

I'm going to cry in a corner now.
This is about the fifth time I've tried to update
I was just ending a long entry when...the screen randomly  switched to my page!

Now, part of my entry was about how Clyde was acting up and had porobably caught some virus, but honestly!


Hatred of all things.............Just.....Lots and lots of hatred. Okay?
Get it LJ? You're doing down!!!!!!

...there's some time I'll never get back


Okay. Bed now.

(And just think, overall, my previous entry was all bubbles and happiness. Damn you!)
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Last day of the year. I suppose it's the best time to post. Or ,well, the mandatory time to post. 

Last was it? Overall, I suppose I was happier than last year, but that's so long ago, it's not like my memory goes that far back, really.

This year I got my first job. And I have since decided that I never want to work. Ever. So, maybe I'll be a university professor or something. At least that's what I'm vaguely envisaging now. Although, you know, I'll probably have to learn to be inherently more intelligent than I am if I want that to happen...and I'm pretty sure that' s impossible. 

I guess, lately, in the past few months, the thing that's been getting me the most is that, for school, everything is now the last. The last Santa's Breakfast, the last Hallowe-en, the last Remembrance Day Assembly...It's a very odd feeling, especially for someone deathly afraid of time. Honestly, in spite of the cliche, I never really thought I'd get here, that it would happen. Everytime I think about it, I get this growing suspicion that I'll wake up tomorrow in an old folk's home...I feel like I've missed the real high school experience. I touched on it lightly about when I said I didn't really remember much. I don't...I just float through life.

As for university, that's been getting me down quite a bit. all the scholarship and forms and blah! Bah humbug! I can't wait until it's over. I've decided up sciences at McGill though not what I'd like to do.
For school, I think I've finally got my work ethic up, which sould help for university. Maybe it's just the OCD kicking in. Either way, I do my homework. Chem 12 in grade 11 taught me that...I figured it out by the end of the semester, but now before. I hope it doesn't screw up university applications. In History, I didn't really have a choice, those first few months, when the teacher gave an essay a week.

As for the OCDness, yes, I still think I have it. I've checked it up several times (albeit on the Internet) and it fits me word for word (and, mostly, this isn't even the school-related stuff) in so many categories that the simplest explanation is that I have it. It sucks, but I deal with it...I'd like to be able to deal with it better in the upcoming year.

It was this year that I did OWL with my friends' church. It was amazing...though it seems so long ago. I'd really like to go to their youth group at least once, but my parents are so anti-religious that I don't know what to do about it. 
In a way, it's kind of changed my view of religion and beliefs...maybe made me more accepting and tolerant. Now, when discussing stuff with the maternal unit, I argue against her and her hardcore, narrow-minded atheistic ways (don't take this to mean I'm not still an atheist...I just think my perception of it has matured)

Parents...well, you know. They're stifling. One of the reasons I'm planning on running away 4000 km to Quebec for four years. The feeling has been growing ever since this year. This constant worrying of theirs, this constant need to know my whereabouts. Please, can't they just let me fear making stupid decisions because they're stupid decisions, not because of parental repercussions?
(In all fairness, lately, I've realized that my parents are relatively lax)

In terms of love, I'm going to start 2007 in the very same place I started 2006: alone. The only difference is I can now say "seventeen and never been kissed" instead of  "sixteen and never been kissed". The way it's heading, it's probably going to be "eighteen and never been kissed". Well, yet again, that's just the way it is. And, it's at least half my fault, so I'll survive.

Mostly, I think I have the same batch of friends. Really, they're amazing...Now, I'm a little closer to a couple of them than before, which is great.

Now, one definite good thing aobut this year: I stuck with last year's resolution!!! I decided to be a vegetarian and, after one lapse in particular, I am! (-> ...In January, I ordered my regular chicken wrap from the was only after the second or third bite that I realized that vegetarians weren't exactly supposed to eat chicken). I owe a lot to my mother, who supports me completely. She buys me tofu and fish. I guess, one possible resolutin for this coming year could be to stop eating seafood...The trouble is, I'm going to university next year and would like to get a meal plan for the first year (no, i don't trust myself to feed myself. too hard...) and at McGill, they only offer them to non-vegan I might very well have to break my resolution if I said that.

More immediate resolutions (ie. for next week) I think will be:
-apply to all the universities by next Sunday
-start with scholarships
-study History...have reviewed practically everything...done at least one unit from key
-finish French oral research
-finish reading Hamlet

Okay, but technically, those are just Winter Break goals...not resolutions. 

Resolutions will be...

-stop procrastinating, thinking/daydreaming so much. Go out and do something! (lol. If that's not cliche, I don't knwo what is!)
-read more. I've stopped...This is partly related to the first resolution (Okay, this'll probably happen anyway once killer semester is over in January.)
-exercise. Run thrice a week, starting next week (under no circumstances is Amelia ever to know this one. Otherwise, she'll enforce it and that would be very, very bad)
-write more. (I'm in creative writing, so this damned well better happen)
-make an effort to stop whining. Deal with it. Accept that life ain't perfect, but it sure as hell is good.

Heh heh. If anyone thinks of any other cliche resolutions I should be adding, be sure to tell me.
That's it so far.

Oh. I'm going to a party tonight, I think. With Amelia...Really, I don't know yet. We shall see.
(I guess that's another, less proud thing to be mentioning...This year was the first time I went to a party and got drunk. Umm...well, on that, I'd say, getting drunk is okay, not great, but it really is dependent on who you're with at the time. I mean, tonight, I'll have some champagne but I'm not getting drunk, especially if I go to that party)

Happy New Year!
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